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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  November 18, 2009 9:00am-9:28am EST

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>>asn diplomacy. idenobama boards air e one unr so sten confusedand g. canc e om rn leave ral people joinroa nesd th the weathegoing hill wiupon t fost. >> we ke a slojog to the doll piorolling in t ere e westatellloop. won'be un afing sterwest tomorrow.
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have 49. 48hagetownicbu a le 5a tux t oud cloust of the and a show is possible te. i aut e vey re ibuil's withhe drive. >>lce the 9:hour. s begith tiatulowheading disabledistang ally uthbound en scenngndutloop gea u ee cident and wrap it up andreaovertoyou. > thnews rhtian ipcoinueinso r mains om e cabe at's tr one this morning ending a two- davisitochina. koreunt ho tinfor wato puerich u.s.ops. that willhelp to eate ne eyre cling a bill ed. l ness road d > few mite setel st iaber haserv oncahi lawmak
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col hi s fion the hi byrd pase reet byrl en will held considering the autonomy of the st w wheth es. ohas d 8 sugot top hors r the first itin meurt ofstngw vehicl would ldge the se day in upper marlro. cracown campaniewh ina suea. y licewhton e log dy fnd on wton street and en. the dy was fod by woman iv. >>anpolice low peat thexer'sff sua stor kir a woulbe robber e owsa enmered roain gtryland in
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prince georgecounty. after ey annoced th fatally shotwfr robberan li wia ttle anxietd an distress but they can't live with the little ca mmtser. me inthe keticachan recommendations garding breascin with medrgaen, the rmer aistantsurgeo general and authorof primet gton university hpil. inteentio thank you foinwith us. drbremank you for comi back you were with us earliethis mornin i wantasyoabe fallt yo acti nts nuerr r ogrein od you noa dropafte w a few more not congfommograms which was concernio thalthough ths is the ial seanthny op a
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qutiing e en of the llrcericwon will coto ubdllives. grah won lower riskrycting, th d thosina er rk.ey't a a ersk and fower sk it is information to make infoed de gnedwell-studs shn an improvement . 30% won are dying as a conttogea maogram ill n om on and l reentis thcoecticut physician, virtuallevery patient would prefer a little anxiety to fiing la whpaents woiz mt be edwhnfbue sponse n
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thn advocated llow threcoon the amicceciicof dithr mmograms eryh tahis ot that ing >> . . presentea erenwaize at , you andr. brem co at at unique pee. yoth br er rvbut you were concerned withthe messagit may send to african-american women and you n do th rig now. >>thank you so chnt ysa breast caer survivanfrican aman wan. t ll youhear p saying they are goto re the data. you must pecially ignore the data. these are were noudede datath remmdatiated toke the so it reay importanrst of all, pois usha
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a high incidence. inyoger ages an e ast canc do havehigher rate menousal ratet earlier. so if we stop screening at 50 it will be damaging to us. the otthing is impoant is that ncer and also it isrder to treat cause ny us ve iple natives, which is r piece yo u needto know abou but the fact of the matter is absotely have to sed as early as we can. we veto be llowed osel mo than y twars d ve to be --we'rcle with our physicians, but i want you to take the handle for yourself. ofourse toyodoctor but my coendation to is thatyou don' ese recommdatiand yoll your dtoso. >>r. ssen, thwas beautifully put and the komen for the cure said the exact
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timingof asses is less importthan an acg d approaches and more indualrecommendations for east scening are urgely need. neither of u would disagree with th and . brem, you pely arat the mole mammogray icunwomen in a , popu th is more vulnerable. getting this to them is crical. >> that's why gege washingt's commitnt to outreach analloaccess for sa exination itical. with regard to accessis wecan only hope theseecomndations mere d private insurers because at cess tomammography and we will se american men,black, white d eretic origin dias a result of curable breast cancer >> anda, we have spent years improving access mammograms
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to ople. getting them educated and helping them to get mm and ing lp deal with their fear your bud syem is important. we spent yeardoing that and we can't lose ground on th. because we have seeing it decrease in despaiy this coulset us back for years. that's why m sooutraged. >>at about that self exams are a waste oftime. >> i'm outraged abouthat, too. theris certpercge, at least 20 to 30% of cancer themselves. won therstafter storof how you don't want to wait until then. that's why mammography is so portant but women do an i thk they ll stop self breast exams. alady haveto remiwon to do threminding them do a breexam everweek. th again will t us back. we have to focus on ree
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things about our breast health, self breast em, mammograms and clinic s. that'sher issue ey di not al with appraty far as i'm ncerned. tr othething ishere is no harm. there's no raationo cost, women thfollow breast r examination. so it ismporta we need be our own vocates and remind em ere is no down side to breast se d wanto reus at the task force did sawe find less cancer more women willie of their disease, but they fe at wa an acceptable price to pay for me incrsed anxi every patient will tell yo every woman will tell you at the slight increased anxiety wellworth the oprtunity be red of truly a ble di beuse we, as women, are too. constantly weighing the benefits ofrisks of all
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sting. do it with operatns. that i think th is an arment. let me quote one of dear iends who the chief medil offic cancer society. he said what this report tells women is at we know, everybody agrees that mmographsavethe sk s livercagest and know it saves tween the ag 40 an because now that. t the task force is sa we
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